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South Belt Kidney Center Ensures High-Quality Care


Recent statistics show that the leading cause of death in the USA is kidney disease, where one in every three Americans is at risk of getting chronic kidney disease and end-stage renal disease. When suffering these conditions, the kidneys are damaged and lose the ability to filter blood, which puts one’s health in a bad condition. What’s worse is that these patients are also hesitant to undergo dialysis and treatment.

When looking for a dialysis center in Houston, Texas, you will never go wrong with South Belt Kidney Center. South Belt KC incorporates integrity, care, accountability, respect, and excellence as parts of the company’s work philosophy. With the company’s high-quality nephrological services, patients will be carefully assisted in various services such as dialysis service, NxStage home hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, and other hemodialysis procedures.

The best kidney center in Texas is one that provides the community with equitable access to safe, excellent, and optimum health support for all dialysis patients. Through its comprehensive and compassionate patient care, South Belt Kidney Center is absolutely ready to assist you!

If you are from the south Houston area and would want to get started with these services, it’s best that you set an appointment on your desired date. You can also contact 281-506-8470 or send an email at

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