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South Belt Kidney Center

Kidney Center in Houston, Texas

Most people suffering from acute or chronic kidney failure find themselves unable to access to regular dialysis for the maintenance or improvement of their wellness. This is precisely the concern we aim to address at our dialysis center in Houston, Texas. Receive the high-quality medical care you need to stay healthy and happy with the people you love.

Services We Offer

We provide key outpatient services for those experiencing kidney failure. Learn all about them and arrange an appointment now. [ VIEW MORE SERVICES ]

Dialysis Services

Safe and secure dialysis in a place of support.

Peritoneal Dialysis Services

Offering alternative treatment options for patients

Home Hemodialysis (NxStage)

Quality hemodialysis right in your own home

Our Mission and Vision Statement Why Should You Choose Us?

Our mission is to provide comprehensive and compassionate patient care, to improve the quality of life, and to lower the mortality rate.

A future where the community has equitable access to safe, excellent and optimum health support for all dialysis patients.

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High-Quality Care Guaranteed

We maintain the highest standards of outpatient nephrological care by upholding the following values:

I-ntegrity C-are A-ccountability R-espect E-xcellence