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Offering alternative treatment options for patients
Peritoneal dialysis are both used to treat kidney

Peritoneal dialysis (PD) combines a reliable medical procedure with one of your body’s natural filtering systems in lieu of your kidneys. It uses a cleaning solution called dialysate to clean your blood. This substance enters your body through a catheter inserted into your peritoneum, the lining that separates the inside of your abdomen from the rest of the body.

Once introduced into your peritoneum, the dialysate sits in your abdomen for a “dwell time” to collect your body’s waste products. The duration varies according to your doctor’s assessment. Once the dwell time is done, the dialysate is drained to introduce a new batch in a process called “exchange.”

The great thing about PD is that it can be done in a clean, dry place outside the center. It is also possible to do the exchange yourself, if you are able. This way, you get to keep your scheduled routines without constantly arranging appointments.

South Belt Kidney Center can set you up with a PD care plan. Our specialists will determine the form of PD you need and the kind of maintenance care you will require. This may include lifestyle adjustments to ensure optimal results for the procedure. With their help, you can go on living your life without putting your health at risk.

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