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A Clean Diet for Healthy Kidneys


We need to take every step to keep our kidneys healthy. They are responsible for filtering out toxins in our bodies. With damaged kidneys, you may need to undergo dialysis to clean your blood.

As a kidney center in Texas, we understand the role of diet in kidney health. Our eating habits can dictate how well our kidneys function. With that, let us discuss some foods to limit to avoid kidney damage.

Foods high in sodium should be regulated to keep your kidneys healthy. While sodium is important for several bodily functions, it can also strain your kidneys. Excess sodium in the bloodstream makes it hard to filter, putting stress on the kidneys and raising your blood pressure.

Fast food items, instant noodles, and processed meats are typically high in sodium. So make sure you regulate your intake of these food items. Of course, control your use of salt in your cooking.

Items high in sugar will also hurt your kidneys. Similar to salt, sugar puts stress on your kidneys, which can damage them in the long run. People with diabetes often experience kidney damage because of this.

With that, regulate your consumption of sodas, sugary drinks, and desserts. You should also control your consumption of carbohydrates as these can contribute to your sugar levels.

You should also avoid foods high in potassium as it is hard for your kidneys to remove them from the body. Foods high in potassium are potatoes, a wide range of leafy green veggies, and certain fruits.

If you need help treating kidney disease, you can come to us here at South Belt Kidney Center. We are a dialysis center in Houston, Texas, and we can help you address any issues your kidneys may have. Call us today!

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