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What Are the Risk Factors for Chronic Kidney Disease?


Chronic kidney disease is a medical condition that could persist for a long time. Unfortunately, it could lead to health complications. In extreme cases, it could even lead to a fatality. Oftentimes, this disease is a consequence of an unhealthy lifestyle. Sadly, some people don’t change their habits until they have to rely on dialysis treatment for their health to get better.

Regularly visiting a dialysis center in Houston, Texas is unarguably helpful for patients who have been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. Although this type of treatment has yielded positive outcomes, there are some other things that kidney patients can do to help improve their health. On top of the list is making some lifestyle changes. Ideally, they need to change their unhealthy habits. An unhealthy lifestyle only worsens their condition.

An excellent safety precaution against kidney disease is to understand its risk factors. If a person knows these, he/she will know the things to avoid and will do something about them.

Below is a list of the most common risk factors for kidney disease:

  • Family history
    People who have relatives with kidney disease are most likely to develop it too.
  • Obesity
    The inability to maintain a healthy weight is a huge risk factor for chronic kidney disease.
  • Excessive smoking
    Smoking is an unhealthy habit that doesn’t only affect the lungs, but the kidneys as well.
  • Frequent use of medications
    The long-term use of certain medications can potentially harm the kidneys.
  • High blood pressure
    Some chronic conditions, such as hypertension, can complicate a chronic kidney disease.

Do whatever it takes to safeguard your health. Got concerns about your kidneys? Feel free to visit South Belt Kidney Center, a kidney center in Texas.

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