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Ignoring Kidney Disease Can Be Dangerous


Our kidneys play a major role in the effective functioning of our bodily systems. As they filter out our blood, they prevent the buildup of toxins and excess fluid in the body. For this reason, keeping them healthy should be given proper attention.

As a kidney center in Texas, we aim to help every individual achieve healthy kidneys. However, a significant amount of people tend to avoid getting treatments for their kidneys. Many of them may not even know that they have kidney disease at all. This situation can easily become dangerous.

Damaged kidneys can cause problems with filtering out wastes in your body. Your body may retain fluids, which causes swelling in your extremities. It can even trigger high blood pressure in some people.

Some effects may also include fatigue, nausea, sleeping problems, and even heart disease. All of this can contribute to the deterioration of one’s health.

In late-stage kidney disease, uremia is expected. This is essentially a buildup of toxins in the body. When this happens, many life-threatening situations can occur such as heart attacks, seizures, and even loss of consciousness.

This can be treated through dialysis and medications. Some even get kidney transplants to ensure better survival.

With that, we should never ignore any signs of kidney disease. Regular evaluations from our physicians and kidney centers should be practiced.

Many symptoms of kidney disease are nonspecific, which makes it hard to detect. With proper tests and evaluations, kidney disease can be averted earlier.

If you need quality kidney care, make sure you contact us here at South Belt Kidney Center. We are a dialysis center in Houston, Texas, that provides top-class nephrological services for our clients. Let us help you keep your kidneys healthy today!

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