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Kidney Disease Complications


Kidneys are vital parts of our body. It helps a lot in the removal of different body wastes. If a person has kidney issues, it will be hard for the organ to perform its duties. Hence, the need for consultations from a Kidney Center in Texas.

But, if a patient disregards his symptoms, chances are, his condition might worsen until the kidneys give up and tend to lose control of their functions. When the disorder progresses, it might be subject to Dialysis and other forms of treatment – otherwise, complications will possibly arise.

When the kidneys fail, a person may have the following complexities:

  • Water retention – kidneys help flush out excess fluids from our body. So when it doesn’t operate well, the water remains in the system, causing swelling and pressure.
  • Anemia – the body cannot make red blood cells without the help of the kidneys, leading eventually to insufficiency.
  • Heart conditions – the heart and kidneys support each other to function well, and when one is damaged, the other will not work vice versa.

All organs have their functions and work hand-in-hand with other parts of the body. If we do not take care of them properly, that is when diseases start to emerge.

And if you think you will need a Dialysis Center in Houston, Texas, there is one place you can go for treatment. South Belt Kidney Center can help you recover from treatable renal concerns and save you from chronic conditions. Call us at 281-506-8470 for your inquiries about our services.

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