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Things to Know About Kidney Dialysis


The kidneys are important organs in your body. They serve as filters that help get rid of toxic wastes inside the body. They also help return important substances into your bloodstream.

But when they are not filtering as efficiently as they should, kidney dialysis may be necessary.

  • The Purpose
    This procedure helps the body remove wastes when the kidneys couldn’t. It also helps keep certain chemicals in the blood within safe levels.
  • The Necessity
    Dialysis is necessary when the patient is in the end stage of kidney failure. A medical professional in a kidney center in Texas can diagnose when this stage occurs and when to recommend the procedure.
  • Different Types
    The procedure comes in two types. These are peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis. The doctor will determine which type you need according to your condition.
  • The Place
    You can go through this procedure in some places. You can go to a dialysis center in Houston, Texas. You can go to a hospital. You can even get one at home. Your doctor will identify the best place where to undergo this procedure.
  • The Length
    There are several factors to consider when determining how long the procedure will be. Generally, it lasts for four hours three times a week.
  • Is It Uncomfortable?
    Other than the discomfort you might feel with the insertion of the needles, most patients don’t have any other issues with it.

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