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How Often Would You Need a Dialysis?


Dialysis is a treatment done for patients who show poor kidney function and symptoms of kidney failure. This procedure keeps the body in balance by doing some of the tasks your kidneys would do if they were healthy. Other than this, patients may choose to undergo a kidney transplant to live.

You may opt to have dialysis earlier while your kidneys are functioning better instead of waiting for kidney failure. However, there isn’t much evidence that starting dialysis before having symptoms of kidney failure would help you live longer.

As a kidney center in Texas, we have several patients undergoing either hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis. The duration of these procedures would vary from one person to another. Some factors that affect this duration include:

  • The health of your kidneys
  • Your weight
  • The amount of waste you have in your body
  • The fluid weight you gained between treatments
  • The type of artificial kidneys used

This often lasts for about four hours and is done three times a week.

Are you in need of a dialysis center in Houston, Texas? Come on over to South Belt Kidney Center. We provide safe and secure dialysis services using the latest equipment and procedures to ensure the best possible treatment outcomes.

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