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The Kidney’s Role: Reasons to Take Care of Them


The kidney is one of the most essential organs in our body. It has a lot of functions for us to continue to have a healthy body. Unfortunately, kidney disease is one of the leading causes of death in the United States of America. Usually, people having to undergo dialysis are older adults.

One of the major roles of the kidney is to ensure that there’s not too much water or too little amount of water in the body. But no, the kidney doesn’t stop from leveling the water in our body. As a kidney center in Texas here are the other uses a kidney does to keep us healthy:

  • It balances the blood pressure, hence just like water, it makes sure that it isn’t too high or low.
  • It is one of the body’s janitors since it gets rid of urea, uric acid, toxins, and other wastes via urine.
  • It activates vitamin D, making the body absorb more calcium, which is very important to the body, mostly to seniors.
  • It also maintains a balance of our electrolytes which is critical for the heart rhythm and the kidney releases erythropoietin that tells the bone marrow to release more red blood cells.
  • Lastly, it makes sure that our body is not too acidic and not too alkaline.

It does big things, right? That is why it is very crucial to endanger the kidney. Keeping it healthy and well-functioning is key to make it last longer.

South Belt Kidney Center is a dialysis center in Houston, Texas. Under our care, we aim to provide essential outpatient services for adult clients with kidney failure. Should you have inquiries, contact us.

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