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Improved Patient Outcomes: Home Dialysis Treatment


The quality of life for patients undergoing their dialysis treatments can often seem compromised because of their trips to the facility. Leisure time and simply feeling well enough to keep up with day-to-day responsibilities may seem traditional. Families and friends of dialysis patients also often express the time-consuming center visits. At South Belt Kidney Center, a reliable dialysis center in Houston, Texas, we take dialysis close to you.

People who choose to perform dialysis in the comfort of their own homes do so more frequently and find it one of the best choices they made. Sometimes, home hemodialysis patients may also be prescribed more frequent treatments by their nephrologist. Frequent dialysis more closely mimics the natural functions of the kidneys, with less waste and fluid building up inside the body in between treatments. The increased frequency has contributed to lower mortality rates, fewer negative side effects, and more favorable results overall. Patients can perform dialysis on their schedules while receiving the health benefits of dialysis treatments without missing out on the rest of their lives.

To know more about the services our kidney center in Texas can provide, please do not hesitate to give our lines a call. We are here to ensure that our services remain accessible to patients who need them most.

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